YUMSEM run Gimbap & Bunsik restaurant since 2001. Now we have 240 franchisees and One in Taiwan. YUMSEM is most rapidly grown company for recent 4 years in our field.

We invented Semi-automatic cooking system in 2018. It is very efficient system which can save time, effort and human resources. So many other brands follow now.

We consider our brand as very competitive brand in overseas market too. Our restaurant in Taiwan sold almost 100,000 USD, despite of size of 60㎡. We are very confident that we can perform same in Thailand.

Business Model: Franchise
Looking for: Master franchise / Franchisee  / Partner

Booth No. J12,16,18 / K11,15,17 (Korea Pavillion)
Company name YUMSEM CO.,LTD.
Website www.yumsem.com
Facebook Fanpage -
Type of Business Franchise
Investment Budget $75,000~$150,000
Return of Investment period -
No.of Branch 244