Why Participate and your benefits
  • BEST opportunities to meet new potential clients/partners.
  • Exposure Engage with visitors, pre-show, onsite and post show through our marketing tools, including exhibiting, digital and print marketing, and pre-setting of appointments.
  • Generate new leads Meet face to face with over 12,000 ready to be investors and entrepreneurs from Thai and 30+ countries from around the world to be new franchisees, master franchisee, distributors and more. Engage with these prospects and increase your footprint and revenue.
  • NETWORK with existing clients/partners and further strengthen the relationship.
  • INCREASE your brand awareness and reach out to the entire industry in Thailand and ASEAN
  • Full support from government agencies and franchise associations, Thailand and internationals.
  • Extensive marketing and promotion campaign in Thailand and overseas, online and offline, to reach target investors.